Jobs / Economy:

The Union Tribune, when endorsing my reelection, said, “He can justifiably boast that he and the council majority behind him have “turned the city around” from the days of fiscal turmoil. He has worked to create private-sector opportunities, attracting $500 million in new investment to Escondido the last four years.”

As Mayor, recruiting new employers and helping new businesses grow in Escondido has been one of the top priority. In collaboration with the Mayors of four North County cities, I co-founded, “Innovate78,” a joint economic development effort to bring high-paying science and technology jobs to North County and to create a vibrant regional economy.

I am deeply committed to serve my city with passion and I remain fully invested to make Escondido one of the best cities in San Diego by growing our economy and bringing new jobs to Escondido.

Public Safety:

The safety of our community is always my top priority. My zero tolerance approach to crime has paid off and under my leadership crime has fallen to the lowest level since 1980 in Escondido. I prioritized eradicating graffiti and enforced gang injunctions to make Escondido a safer community.

I have consistently supported traffic safety check points and I have strengthened our city’s partnership with ICE. Escondido won the San Diego Taxpayers Association Metro Golden Award for our innovative fire station staffing program saving the taxpayers $1 million a year.

 Fiscally Responsible Government:

As mayor, I have balanced our budget for seven consecutive years and turned a $16 million deficit to a $13 million surplus without raising taxes. We built a $17 million reserve fund, and a $16 million pension reserve fund contributing to improving Escondido’s bond rating AA-.

We accomplished all of these measures while reducing the size of government, cutting wasteful spending, improving efficiency and streamlining regulations. I was also a leader in the fight for pension reform, a critical priority for the financial health and stability of our city.