My Accomplishments as Mayor of the 50th District largest City:

✔ Made Escondido a vibrant, safe and prosperous city for businesses, residents and families
✔ Reduced Crime by 48%. Escondido enjoys the lowest crime rate since 1980
✔ Opposed Sanctuary City, deported illegal immigrants criminals, supported the rule of law
✔ Balanced the City’s budget every year as Mayor without raising taxes or using reserves
✔ Turned $16 million deficit to $12 million surplus. Improved the City’s bond rating to AA-
✔ Built $33 million emergency reserve fund and public pension reserve fund
✔ Received Taxpayers’ Association’s Golden Watchdog Award for government efficiency
✔ Attracted $2 billion investments to improve infrastructure, neighborhoods and downtown
✔ Recruited 2,200 net new businesses and created more than 3,000 new jobs
✔ Championed government reform, reduced wasteful spending and government size by 20%
✔ Implemented pension reform to substantially reduce taxpayers long term liability
✔ Reduced homelessness and reunited 50 homeless individuals with their families
✔ Developed a Climate Action Plan and General Plan which was approved by voters in 2012
✔ Improved City’s image as an attractive place for businesses and visitors
✔ Best Life magazine ranked Escondido in the best 100 cities to raise a family